Pay a visit to these top 4 museums in Colombo to get an insightful glimpse of the rich illustrious history of Sri Lanka, an island steeped in glorious heritage and culture.

Colombo National Museum | Image Credit: Annesley Rozairo, <a href="">Colombo museum</a>, <a href="" rel="license">CC BY-SA 1.0</a>
Colombo National Museum | Image Credit: Annesley Rozairo, Colombo museum, CC BY-SA 1.0

The Colombo National Museum

Established in the year 1877, the Colombo National Museum, housed within its galleries a plethora of ancient artefacts ranging from the pre-historic era to Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura kingdoms. One of the main highlights is the royal throne upon which the last king of Sri Lanka sat before he was deposed by the British.

Dutch Period Museum

Located in the bustling economic hub of the island, Pettah, the 300-year Dutch Period Museum can be easily accessed from surrounding Colombo hotels including the likes of The Kingsbury Colombo. Hailed as the last remaining example of Dutch architecture, the former mansion of one-time Governor, Thomas Van Rhee, houses antiques from the colonial era such as ancient maps and swords.

Independence Memorial Museum

Situated in the basement of the Independence Memorial Hall, the museum was established as a tribute to the national heroes who fought valiantly against the British to secure the independence of their country. A separate section has been dedicated to war heroes who sacrificed their lives during the more recent civil war.

Natural Museum of Natural History

Located in the very same premises as the National Museum of Colombo, this repository showcases the natural heritage of the island along with a comprehensive collection of endogenous plants and animal species.

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