Immaculate natural vistas, lush greenery and the freshest air you can breathe, this is all you get when you visit Nuwara Eliya. Read on to know why this amazing city is very much different from the rest of Sri Lanka.

The Climes

The first thing a person who is coming from the coastal regions to Nuwara Eliya will notice a difference in the Climate and the temperature. Although the climate here mainly depends on the monsoons, it is cold in Nuwara Eliya during most times of the year.

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The Air Quality

The next thing one would notice is the air quality. The air here is cold and fresh. Every time you inhale the cold air you feel refreshed and energized.

The Greenery

There is more vegetation here than any other region in the country that is because the soil Nuwara Eliya is very fertile and is surrounded by lush green forests and tea estates. This also contributes to the fresh and serene ambience.

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Attractions and accommodation options

Nuwara Eliya is home to a plethora of attractions, from lakes, parks, nature reserves to beautiful waterfalls. There are also a number of accommodation options the likes of Cottage 42 which features well-appointed holiday cottages in Nuwara Eliya.

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Image Credit: Cottage 42

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