thailand in spring break
Photo via Good Free Photos


Are you planning your next spring break destination that is sure to stand out from the boring places? Your spring break destination needs to be unique, fun and give you plenty of attractions to see.

What better place to go on your crazy action packed holiday with some of your best friends that to Thailand?! Thailand has been noted as one of the top vacation destinations, and with good reason!

If you’re reading through The Vacation Gateway, you’ll find plenty of reasons why!

Spring break is all about having the best time of your lives as you make memories that are sure to last a lifetime, so why not head to the beautiful tropical island of Thailand?

You’ll be away from the usual crowds that you see at the mall or even in your neighbourhood and you’ll be surrounded by new faces, new places, new cultures and plenty of new experiences!

Thailand’s culture is so rich and dynamic that you’ll want to get a whole taste of it! There are cultural shows and events where you can learn all about their culture and history.


thailand culture and buddhism
Monks in Bangkok , Photo by sasint via Pixabay , CC0 Public Domain


Speaking of taste, local and authentic Pad Thai and Tom Yum soup can be found in every restaurant you dine in.

Whether it’s by the road side or at a luxury hotel, you’ll find the most delicious local meals, and the best part is that local food is inexpensive and completely affordable for your spring break wallets!

So you don’t have to worry about eating noodles from a packet during your holiday.

street food chiang mai
Chiang Mai Street Food by Abdul Rahman via Flickr , (CC BY 2.0)


Cruise along the many rivers in Thailand on a traditional long tailed boat or go snorkelling through the transparent azure waters as you discover another world in the sea.


riding on elephant on thailand
Riding on an elephants via Pixabay , CC0 Public Domain


The options are endless, whether you and your friends want a good dose of cultural and history, fun in the sun, foodie’s adventure, or simply a relaxing holiday in paradise, Thailand is your go-to destination for your spring break!