Fancy an outing with the family that will have you in your elements from start to finish? Well then, what’s stopping you from scheduling a visit to Changsha in China’s Hunan Province?

Hunan Province, China
Hunan Province, China | Image by yue su on Unsplash

Visit Lieshi Park

Flock to a stretch overflowing with plant life and nature’s sweet lullabies at Lieshi Park. Accompanied by a reputation for being one of China’s largest parks, Lieshi Park is best called by on a weekend when the atmosphere tends to reach a fever pitch. Have the kids scale the climbing wall or watch as they attempt to manoeuvre their way in a bumper car while you inspect the memorial tower dedicated to the fallen heroes of yesteryear.

Stop by Kaifu Temple

Learn of China’s deep-rooted ties to Buddhism at Kaifu Temple. With a history spanning more than 1,000 years, the shrine features several appealing facets including Pilu Hall where a seated effigy of Sakyamuni and 500 arhats are displayed inside a cabinet. Further, the Hall of the Three Kings contains a magnificent statuette of the future Buddha, Milefo.

Ride the Changsha Ferris Wheel

Located near Helong Stadium at No. 170 Furong Zhonglu, the Changsha Ferris Wheel is one of the more noticeable elements and a ‘must’ when wanting sweeping views of Changsha. The 120-meter tall Ferris Wheel offers a 20-minute ride that will also have you delighting in the beautiful Xiang River.

Eat out at Huogongdian

Sample the very best Hunanese cuisine at Huogongdian which is as family-friendly a restaurant as you will find in Changsha. From spicy broths to creations that accommodate delicate palates, one will be presented with a wide array of food that ranges from Chairman Mao’s red-braised pork to spicy shrimp. Where you seek a mode of lodging, consider Citadines Xingsha Changsha which possesses its own Changsha apartments.