Wilpattu National park | Img. Courtesy:[Dammeike Wijesinghe]
Wilpattu National Park | Img. Courtesy:[Dammike Wijesinghe via WhereWeGoNext]
The Wilpattu National Park, which is a nature driven park ranging over five hundred square miles is a feast for wildlife lovers, with a wide variety of animals and birds. Wilpattu, being home to the famous Sri Lankan leopard is also home to many other species such as the Asian elephant, deer, bears and a variety of birds including the jungle fowl, the national bird of Sri Lanka. If you’re looking to enjoy a good read on wildlife in Sri Lanka, you can browse through the internet to get several good options such as the Cinnamon Magazine.

There are many camping sites near and around Wilpattu that are suitable for a luxurious camping experience. Safari tours can also be arranged, and there are many options to select from such as the morning safari game, the afternoon safari game and the full day safari game drive. The best season to visit the park is between the months of February to October. The lucky camper would get a chance to witness the leopard in its natural habitat. There have been sightings of more than 40 leopards in Wilpattu during the years. It is home to many herds of elephants which might be a common sight but the tusker is the one you need to keep a look out for. The roaming gentle beasts although calm in their herd can be quite aggressive when confronted alone. The spotted deer, buffalo, and sambar are also a delightful sight to feast your eyes on.

One cannot forget the many species of birds that have made Wilpattu their home. The bird lovers can indulge themselves on the many varieties of birds such as the whistling teal, white ibis, spoonbill and the purple heron. The jungle fowl is an endemic bird of Sri Lanka that can also be seen in Wilpattu. There is much more to relish in this national park such as the fauna and flora as well as the reptiles and the amphibians making one day quite not sufficient to experience its full beauty.


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