Xiamen is a city in the coastal area of the Fujian province in China. It has been known as the gateway to China since it was an important port in the centuries long past. Even though the city is now extremely modernized there are some places where one can see the rich array of cultural and traditional life in ancient Xiamen.

Out of the many attractions one of the most popular places to visit is the Xiamen Shinegood Museum. The site is based in the Culture Exhibition Centre that is close to the beach and the yacht dockyard. It is considered to be one of the biggest private galleries in China. Why the museum draws so much attention is because it has exhibits of ancient jade artefacts. The alluring emerald like quality of jade is something the Chinese valued in ancient times. Even in the present day it is quite fascinating to see how ancient artists used jade to create works of art. Jade is an ornamental stone that is difficult to shape or cut and the prowess of the artists is extraordinary.

The exhibits at the Xiamen Shinegood Museum represent some of the historical and cultural elements of the Fujian province. The site takes you back in time to an era when China was surrounded by these beautiful Jade images. Outside of the museum is a breathtaking view overlooking the entire coastline; the scenery is beautiful and gives you a sense of what the province may have been like in the past.

When you visit Xiamen the museum is one of the places worth seeing. Make sure you figure out your way around the city. There are several options: you can rent a motorbike or use the bus transit service that gets you to all the locations. There are night markets, parks and other historical places around this area which should be part of your itinerary.

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