You know the feeling when wanderlust comes knowing and you look out the window dreaming of far away escapes to exotic lands full of adventure, culture and new experiences far removed from the urban jungle. You can try ignoring that call to the “great unknown” as it were, but it will soon be back, tugging at your heart strings, making you go online and see just what kind of destinations there are in the world waiting to be explored. So if you have not already, why not take the plunge and plan a tropical getaway, you will not be sorry!

Firstly pick a destination. When it comes to holidays in the tropics, Asia is an ideal choice. Maldives, Bali, Phuket all offer plenty of beaches, romantic hideaways and cultural attractions. Do not forget to also consider the enchanting island of Sri Lanka where you can enjoy beachside sanctuaries, colourful culture and even diverse wildlife activities such as whale watching. Catching sight of these ocean mammals is certainly something you will not forget and one can set off on these kinds of excursions when staying at Mirissa hotels such as Sri Sharavi Beach Villas.

Once the destination is planned, the plane ticked bought and the accommodation booked it is time to get packing! While being spontaneous is one thing, it is always best to be prepared for your tropical holiday and here are some must take items.

Sunscreen. Yes sunscreen is vital especially since you are going to be spending hours on end, be it on the beach to exploring ancient ruins in the sun. Many of these destinations are near the equator so get some good sunscreen preferably with a 15 or 30 Sun Protection Factor (SPF). Light cotton clothing is essential since humidity levels are quite high in the tropics though do keep in mind most sacred sites will require you to wear clothing that covers bare shoulders and legs, so be prepared accordingly.

It goes without saying not to forget to pack your camera or camcorder. Yes it is true that modern day smart phones offer the convenience of both functions, but there in nothing to beat the quality of a semi-professional or professional camera or even a GoPro if you have one. Make sure all your batteries are charged and ensure you bring along the charging cables & devices and necessary power adapters (this applies to your phones as well). It also helps to have your own mini first aid kit when you travel to the tropics. Insect and mosquito repellents are always handy, while having aspirin or paracetamol is a good thing along with any prescription medicines you may need.

Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.