Shanghai has plenty of things in store for its visitors. To ensure that you have a memorable holiday find Shanghai serviced apartments that are centrally located to the best attractions of the city such as the Yuyuan Garden. Somerset Xu Hui Shanghai is a fully equipped and modern apartment building that is a preferred choice of many discerning travellers.

Yuyuan Garden is aptly named since Yu means peaceful in Chinese and this famous classical garden is indeed a serene place to be in. A Mandarin officer named Pan Yunduan built the Yuyuan Garden during the Ming Dynasty. His intention was to give his parents a quiet and blissful place to enjoy old age. In later years the garden was converted to the headquarters of the dagger association. However Yuyuan has gained its former serenity after a restoration in 1961. Today, you still find weapons, local coins, and announcements made by the dagger association on display at the spring hall of the garden.

The Yuyuan Garden has three main areas to explore, the Grand Rockery, Sansui Hall and the exquisite Jade Rock. Upon arrival to the garden you encounter the Grand Rockery. Created by the rockery artist Zhan Nanyan of the Ming dynasty, it is a treasure piece not only within the garden but also of the whole of South China. The Sansui Hall, originally named Leshou hall was originally built for entertainment of guests. This massive room with a height of around 30 feet features five halls and is most spacious area of the garden. The Jade Rock is one of the three famous rocks in South China; the other two are Duanyun Feng and Zhouyun Feng. The rock rising well above 10 feet has 72 holes. If you pour water from the top, it will flow out from each hole that creates a spectacular sight.

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