One of Africa’s most picturesque countries, Zambia is home to a myriad of rivers and seventeen spectacular waterfalls. The fact that many tourists travel here just to see these waterfalls is a testament to their awe inspiring beauty and that it is one of the of the key things to do in Zambia.

The most popular of these waterfalls is, without a doubt, Victoria Falls, also known as the “Greatest Curtain of Falling Water in the World”. At the peak of the rainy season, over 500 million cubic metres of water from the Zambezi River plummet over the edge each minute, spanning a width of over 2 kilometres. The height of this fascinating wonder – 108 metres! Hotels such as AVANI Victoria Falls Resorts place you close to this natural wonder. To get the finest view Eastern Cataract, the Main Falls and the Boiling Pot, head over to Knife-Edge Bridge. Falls Bridge, Lookout Tree and Devil’s Pool too are amazing vantage points.

Head East from the Great North Road in the Central Province and you will see the glory of the Kundalila Falls. Formed by the Kaombe River, as it plummets to over 70 metres nurturing a gorgeous botanical garden, Kundalila also has a natural pool at the base where you can jump in for a swim. There is a camping site nearby too! From the top of the falls, you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the Luangwa Valley.

Africa’s second tallest and the world’s twelfth, Kalambo Falls is another must-see. The single, uninterrupted stream of water from the Kalambo River gushes down 221 metres to join Lake Tanganyika.

Lumangewe Falls, a smaller version of Victoria Falls is 35 metres tall and 100 metres across. The surrounding area is great for camping and has been furnished with suitable facilities. Some of the scenic waterfalls to check out are Ngonye, Chipembe, Chisimba, Chipoma, Mumbuluma, Mutumuna and Kabweluma.

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