koh samui beach
Koh Samui Beach by Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort

Engulfed by the Gulf of Thailand, serenaded by the waves of the ocean and endowed with dense forestry in the middle is an island patronized by tourists notwithstanding the fact that it is only a land mass of 228 square kilometers. This island belongs to Thailand and is home to premier names of the hospitality industry including Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort and has its own airport towards the north of the land.

Some fly into Koh Samui thinking their stay would be endless encounters with marine life, needless to say, a Samui beach resort is the preferred type of accommodation, yet the sixty thousand odd population shields much more within their homeland, all of which is open for exploration once you get there. A typical start could be with snorkeling and a boat ride into the brilliant blue waves to see the species who live beneath the sheath. The chug-chugging, splashing, swimming and admiring would take up almost an entire day, probably leaving you just enough time to return, refresh and stroll out for some great seafood, fresh fruit juice or wine and some colourful night partying.

Day two should be dedicated towards the mainland where there is plenty of fauna, flora, habitats, religious structures, and livelihoods. Visit the Na Muang Waterfall either using a mo-ped or on a tour bus. The mo – ped is the most popular mode of transport in the island with practically every corner having a ‘rent a mo’ outlet. It is somewhat similar to a scooter and allows you to get about quickly avoiding the traffic and most importantly opens all your faculties to the freshness of the tropics.

The glistening Big Buddha is more or less the icon of Koh Samui which can be seen from miles away but is best seen from the foot of it. The surrounding area is great for some souvenir shopping and generally has many truly Thai products.

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