lesatho , AVANI
                                   Exploring Lesatho |  Photo by AVANI Lesatho

Being landlocked has not handicapped Lesotho in any way whatsoever. South Africa, its big brother engulfs it from all sides and seems to have shared some of its many treasures of nature. The inhabitants of Lesotho, known as Basotho, by virtue of the fact that the country was titled Basutoland prior to its independence from the United Kingdom do not enjoy a luxurious livelihood and many of them are known to live below the poverty line. However, the country has a string of waterfalls, scenic spots and mountain ranges that put picture postcards to shame.

Strategically positioned Lesotho hotels should grant you access to a myriad of these sites from the capital city of Maseru. Thanks to the countless beauties and the mountainous terrain, properties such as AVANI Lesotho have also sprung up to suit the desires of every discerning visitor.

For many visitors, the journey begins at Maluti Mountains where you can embrace tranquility and indulge in solitude. The Katse Dam may be manmade, yet the drive up to the dam, the cruise along it and the trek up to its sluice gates are often applauded by foreigners who find it a mesmerizing journey. The gurgling sounds of the Maletsunyane Falls and the echoing eeriness of the Liphofung Caves soothe the souls that drop by. All tourists have their own favourites, however, they unanimously agree to the fact that it is not only about the destination but the journey in both a literal and metaphorical sense.-

The National Museum and the Morija Museum are among the other noteworthy destinations with the Thaba Bosiu National Monument attracting its own fair share of the crowd. The Lesotho handicrafts stores can be your last stopover prior to departure such that you capture a magnet, a figurine, a t – shirt or some memorabilia of all the locations you visited.

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