The company of fluffy and cuddly animals is enjoyed by many. Visit Hay Dairies and get up close and personal with the most endearing goats in the world. You will find over a thousand goats of many breeds. Your kids are sure to love it. Also visit Café Neko No Niwa where you can cuddle thirteen fluffy cats while sipping some warm milk and eating a muffin. The café is filled with happy ‘purrs’. Animal-lovers will have a blast!

Kids love to have fun but they are also innovative and ambitious. Kidzania is an educational theme park that will motivate your kids to experiment with different types of careers. If your kids are between the ages of four and fourteen they are sure to be impressed by the different types of careers they can choose from.

Your kids will also be curious about Singaporeans and their way of life. Visit ‘The Singapore Art Museum’ and make them a part of ‘Once Upon This Island’, an exhibition that delves into the lifestyles of modern Singaporeans.

Finally, hop on board the Singapore Flyer and admire the Marina Bay and the amazing cityscape of Singapore.

The eyes of your kids will gleam with happiness!

Auburn Silver is a travel writer who has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.