Founded in the year 1836 and named after the Queen Consort to King William IV, Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, the Australian city of Adelaide hosts the seat of Government of South Australia as well as a number of countrywide sport events and festivals making it a wonderful place to visit for a tourist in Australia.

The Adelaide city centre functions as the capital of South Australia and is replete with interesting places to visit and events to attend. However, during a premier sporting event or a prominent festival, finding Adelaide apartment accommodation can be difficult and it is best to book places such as iStay Precinct as early as possible.

The city itself has a rich history for prior to British settlements, Adelaide was considered home by a group of indigenous Australians known as the Kaurna. However, subsequent to the initiative of the founding fathers of the city, Colonel William Light in particular, the city was planned and developed and is currently a prominent commercial capital in Australia. Places to visit in the city include Light’s Vision, a monument which pays homage to Colonel William Light whose plan for Adelaide itself was known as Light’s Vision, Victoria Square where a statue of Queen Victoria towers over citizens prominently and Mount Lofty, atop of which a panoramic view of the city awaits.

Travelling within the city is quite convenient for any tourist as the city is home to the Adelaide Metro, as well as a system of buses that allow locals and visitors to journey with ease. The well planned nature of the city not only facilitates convenient travel but has also made the jobs of successive administrations quite easy as the original plan arranged the city in a grid with parks surrounding it. This makes the city a pleasant place to live in and explore thanks to the splashes of greenery that break up the monotony of concrete buildings.

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