Image Credit-“Mike” Michael L. BairdBlue whale tailCC BY 2.0

The largest animal in the world, the blue whale is the undisputed king of the seas. Majestic and mild mannered, this amazing creature can still be seen swimming wild and free.

As BIG as it gets

Image Credit-wikimedia,public domain


When it comes to bragging rights about who is the biggest, the blue whale wins since it is the largest animal on earth, both past and present. On average blue whales reach to lengths of about 70 to 80 feet though some do grow to over 100 feet!

Putting size into perspective

Image Credit-Dan Shapiro., Sanc0112 – Flickr – NOAA Photo LibraryCC BY 2.0

The weight of blue whales can reach up to 200 tonnes or more, while to put their size into perspective; its heart is a size of a small car while the weight of just the tongue is roughly the same as an elephant!

They are mammals

Image Credit-Andreas TilleBlueWhaleWithCalfCC BY-SA 4.0

Blue whales are marine mammals with newborn calves dependant on their mother’s milk for the first year.

Spotting them

Blue whales can be spotted in various places around the world including Alaska, Iceland, Baja California, Maldives and in the Sri Lankan East Coast destination of Trincomalee. Hotel options in the area such as Trinco Blu by Cinnamon organise whale watching tours as well.

Their diet

Krill which is somewhat like a tiny shrimp is the main diet of blue whales; as you can imagine such a large creature requires a lot of food and during certain times an adult blue whale can consume krill totalling up to about 4 tonnes daily!

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