The town of Galle is a historic symbol that has stood the test of time. Originally built by the Portuguese when they occupied the sunny island in the 16th century, it was fortified by the Dutch in the 17th century.

The Galle Fort was constructed to defend the city from invaders. The Galle Fort is one of the most recommended destinations on the island by sites such as Cinnamon Magazine.

Old Dutch Hospital
Once used as a hospital, this complex has been renovated and now houses many popular bars and restaurants. It’s a great place to escape to if you want to beat the heat and grab a refreshing drink!

Galle Clock tower
The Galle Clock tower stands majestically over the Moon Bastion. The clock tower was said to be a gift donated by a grateful patient to his doctor; Dr. P.D.Anthonisz. If you’re travelling by train or bus, it’ll be the first thing you notice. Trains ride in Sri Lanka are quite scenic –Cinnamon Magazine even features an article on just how amazing it is!

Galle Lighthouse
Towering 26.5 meters in height and being the oldest lighthouse in Sri Lanka, the Galle Lighthouse is located on Point Utrecht Bastion. Sit by the fort ramparts and watch as the gleaming light shines through the glistening waters after dusk.

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