The Auckland Museum is one of the most significant museums in New Zealand. The museum focuses on the natural history, military history and New Zealand’s past including the historical evidences of the war time struggles of the nation. It also is a very famous and notable structure which showcases the neo-classicist style of architecture which makes it an outstanding addition to the landscape of the city. It stands on the surplus of a dormant volcano which is situated in a massive public park in Auckland.

The museum traces its roots back to 1852 when it was first established based on a cottage of a farmer and is now currently located in the Auckland University. After it was placed in this site it attracted around 708 visitors in the first year itself. Even as the collection began to expand the interest that the people had towards the museum dwindled and it was in a state of neglect till 1869. It was then handed over to the care and management of the Auckland Institute which is an erudite society formed two years back prior to it taking up the management the museum.

This museum is surely a must visit by all the sightseers who are keen on getting to know the history, how the brave warriors fought for their land. A new building was built for the museum in Princes Street, close to the Government House. The new location houses a massive gallery with a metal bordered skylight which is lit at the top. One would certainly be amazed by its intriguing architecture and fine artefacts which means so much to the New Zealand people who are very much linked to the country’s rich cultural heritage. While you are on a vacation a visit to this attraction will be a very useful addition to the memories of your holiday.

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