Sometimes it can be a little daunting travelling the world with infants in tow. Many hotels very conveniently provide baby-sitting services, but it’s always best to be mindful.

Baby sitting services| Img by: yalehealth via Pixabay


Go for a Hotel Employee

This one’s quite simple, because it’s best to trust your child in the care of someone the hotel is directly responsible for. This way, the hotel will also be aware of their credentials, performance history, and capabilities.

Ask for Someone Who Speaks the Same Language

Although sometimes it might be difficult, it’s always best to have someone who can converse with the child, at least through a possible secondary language such as English. Communication is crucial when handling the care of children.

Assume the Nanny Doesn’t Know Anything

This mindset would motivate you to prepare as many things as possible beforehand to avoid any potential issues. This could be a saving grace if you’re on an exotic holiday at a Negombo beach resort such as the likes of Arie Lagoon.

Protect Your Valuables

Just as a precaution, it’s always best to keep away all of your valuables locked away in the hotel safe or a similar place to avoid any unsavoury scenarios, even circumstances such as misunderstandings.


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