The Bali Safari and Marine Park is far from an ordinary park that you will find in Asia. They have housed in their zoo over 60 species some of which are facing the threat of extinction. Komodo dragons, Orang-utans and Bali mynahs are the top features of the site. There are a number of ways to explore the park; one can choose from an Elephant Back Safari or an Animal Encounter.

The Elephant Back Safari allows visitors to climb onto the back of an elephant and amble across the park looking at the different animals. Since elephants are known to be tall, the view you see from the back of these gentle giants is spectacular. In the Animal Encounter tour package guests are allowed to get up close with animals. A fully air conditioned tram takes you across the park. You will be able to take photographs of the animals and your tour guide will give you information about these creatures, their features, habitats and behaviour. After a tour across the site you can even dine at the Tsavo Restaurant surrounded by lions, porcupines and Meer cats!

Conservation is the major focus at the Bali Safari and Marine Park. Since there are several indigenous animals here, the authorities who run the site strive to prevent their extinction. The Bali mynah is one such species. It is a medium sized white bird that has a black beak and smear of ultramarine blue across the eyes. It lives in the island of Nusa Penida and the lowland forests of West Bali. These birds were considered attractive in the international bird market and as a result they were heavily poached leading to the near extinction of the species. The site ensures that the species will continue to survive by encouraging breeding and creating an eco-friendly environment for their existence. A few of the Sumatran elephants and tigers have also been rescued by a team from the Bali Safari Park, so you have the opportunity to see them on a visit here as well.

Other exciting features to look forward to when you visit are the Bali Agung Show at the Bali Theatre and the Water Park and Fun Zone. Since Children relate to animals and are curious about what wild animals look like, the site is the best place to spend a day with kids.

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