There’s nothing quite like a theme park to get kid’s of all ages excited and even some parents too! If you happen to be heading to Kuala Lumpur on a family holiday then definitely make time to visit Berjaya Times Theme Park where there are thrills and fun spills galore. It’s billed as Malaysia’s largest indoor theme park and when you enter you can get an idea of why. This huge indoor space is dominated by the equally impressive indoor rollercoaster where you can see people being taken on a hair-raising ride.

This theme park which can be found in Berjaya Times Square is in the heart of the city so getting to it will not be a problem. Since there is so much to see and do here, ideally look to stay at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur that is near or in the city centre. Of course for convenience you can stay at Berjaya Times Square Hotel which is directly linked to the theme park, providing hassle free access day or night.


It’s best to have an idea of what’s on offer at the Berjaya Times Theme Park before heading here. So you get the Galaxy Station section which is for those who love a pure adrenaline rush. Of course the biggest draw here is the Supersonic Odyssey which is the rollercoaster that dominates the theme park landscape. You will come across information saying that it is the longest multiple-inverted roller coaster in Asia-Pacific, that it is 800 metres in length and hits speeds of 80 km/h, but all that doesn’t matter; what DOES matter is that you will be screaming in frightful delight as you are whisked away on a rapid ride that will have your pulses racing! Other breathtaking rides at this section include the dizzying delights of the Spinning Orbit, the “souped-up” version of a merry-go-round called Oort’s Express and the head (and hair) spinning DNA Mixer.

Of course if you are travelling with younger kids you won’t be able to take them on these rides, no matter how much they plead with you! Fear not, because the park has a section for younger ones too. The Fantasy Garden area has laidback fun and attractions such as a safari jeep ride around this area, a traditional merry-go-round, dodgem cars, the Fantasy Trail train ride and the kid’s theatre will keep them plenty occupied.

Food and drinks are available, along with restrooms, lockers and even a massage chair, for who wouldn’t want a good massage after being shaken & stirred, raised & dropped, and spun around and around!

Caleb Falcon is a travel writer who specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.