The Neka Art Museum has a dainty outward appearance. However, within, it holds many artistic jewels essentially from Bali, Indonesia. The collection at the museum continues to grow and displays creations by foreign artists as well. Internationally renowned, the museum is situated on a large expanse of land and each building bears the signature of Balinese architecture. They are a delight to look upon. An Ubud hotel that would give you convenient access to the museum is Alila Ubud Bali. It is certainly an overwhelming experience to traverse from one building to another as histories and narratives come alive through the artistic creations that are being displayed.

Balinese artists of the past were inspired by Hindu and Javanese myths, legends and beliefs. These inspirations continue to be interwoven into the art produced by modern Balinese artists. Scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata are reinterpreted and recreated through some of the works. The artistic forms employed by Balinese artists are detailed and full of colour and intricate details. The techniques and hues are very much similar to those used in other parts of Asia.

A Keris is a delicately designed weapon that has been in the possession of great many Balinese families. They are bestowed with innumerable powers and it is said that the patterns on each Keris differs and in turn the powers vary. The Neka Art Museum is the ideal place to study these gorgeous weapons and the mind-blowing designs that make them as magical as Aladdin’s famous lamp.

The museum offers an educative experience. It propels visitors to the past, present and future of Balinese art. The museum is organized in a manner that enables visitors to sense the evolution of Balinese art. It is essential that you visit the Neka Art Museum if you wish to gain a holistic understanding of Bali’s history, culture and artistic heritage.

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