The renowned Melbourne Aquarium is a splendid attraction that will appeal to visitors of all ages. It is an amazing creation which is sure to capture the interest of all members of the family. The Melbourne Aquarium, located in a picturesque setting by the riverside, features a mesmerizing collection of aquatic creatures. It contains thousands of fascinating marine denizens such as turtles, sharks, sawfish, stingrays, tropical fish and many other engrossing exhibits. On your stay in this remarkable city stay at one of the reputed Melbourne hotels Southbank offers such as WRAP on Southbank. This quality accommodation provider offers comfort and convenience in an attractive setting providing easy access to the aquarium.

The Melbourne Aquarium offers plenty of features to keep its guests entertained and satisfied. You will have the opportunity to stroll underwater along the huge viewing tunnels admiring the marine life of Australia first hand. Visitors will be able to get up close with enormous sharks, turtles and rays as well as other freshwater and marine dwellers that Australia is renowned for.

You will find that the exhibits at Melbourne Aquarium are organized into 12 different zones, each featuring a splendid selection of creatures native to a particular environment. At ‘Bay of Rays’ you will come across the very rarely seen Elephant Sharks and other creatures native to Port Phillip Bay. Meanwhile at ‘Mangroves and Rockpools’ you will find coastal mangroves, murky swamps, tidal shallows and rock pools.

Another fascinating zone is ‘Coral Caves’ with its colourful and vibrant appearance and intriguing denizens. Not to be missed is ‘Shipwreck Explorer’ which as its name suggests features an abandoned shipwreck inhabited by some of the most exotic animals in the seas. On the other hand ‘Mermaid Garden’ features a host of awe-inspiring sharks that will mesmerize the visitor. ‘Ocean Discovery’ will captivate with its mysterious sea creatures. Meanwhile anyone with an interest in crocodiles will be engrossed by ‘Croc Lair’ which features scary saltwater crocodiles.

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