Exotic tropical beauty combined with luxury makes a stay in the Maldives a memorable experience. Maldivian Resorts are mostly child friendly and many would probably be eligible to vie for best family resort Maldives. If you are looking for a family and child friendly luxury resort a wise choice would be Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives. The Maldive Islands are fun in the sun while the calm waters of the surrounding Indian Ocean offers wonderful aqua sports and under those placid waters lie a magical undersea kingdom.
Child friendly resorts often have Kids Clubs with many activities even for toddlers including games, cookery lessons, handicrafts, swimming in resort pools, water sports etc., Professional babysitting services are also available.
Maldivian beaches are legendary and provide hours of fun for the young and old. Little ones can revel in building sand castles and paddling in gentle waves. For the older children and adults snorkelling, diving, fishing, jet skiing, para gliding and other forms of aqua sports are there for days of fun and adventure. Glass bottom boats will provide views of the underwater kingdom. Exploring Maldives is great infotainment. For an adrenaline pumping experience ride the Whale submarine, (the world’s largest passenger submarine) for closer look at the underwater reef life. Or wine and dine 16 feet under the sea at the Ithaa Underwater Restaurant watching the spectacular undersea world float by through the Restaurant’s glass walls. Go island hopping and visit a place like the town of Seenu on Addu Atoll from where traditional island communities can be visited.
The Maldivian capital of Male has several interesting sights to see. The Sultan Park is all that remains of the 16 century Royal Palace with a pair of massive iron gates being a memorial to past glories. The National Museum showcases Maldivian history and culture and this and the mosques of Male merit a visit. The Male Market, the Male Fish Market, the artificial beach and the Tsunami Monument are interesting places to visit in Male.

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