Vietnam is a country rich in history and culture, with ancient landmarks and hidden gems that are waiting to be explored. From the bustling city of Hanoi to the tranquil countryside of Hoi An, there are countless wonders to discover.

Image via Anantara Hoi An Resort

 Visit the Imperial City of Hue

Hue served as the imperial capital of Vietnam during the Nguyen Dynasty, and its citadel and palace are still standing today. Explore the intricate architecture and the sprawling grounds of the citadel, and marvel at the opulence of the Forbidden Purple City.

 Discover the Mysterious Cham Temples

The Cham people, an ancient civilization that once inhabited central Vietnam, left behind an impressive collection of temples and shrines. Visit the My Son Sanctuary in Quang Nam Province to see some of the most well-preserved examples of Cham architecture.

 Wander through Hoi An’s Ancient Town

Hoi An’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers a glimpse into Vietnam’s past. The best things to do in Hoi An include walking along the narrow streets and admiring the well-preserved 17th and 18th-century buildings that once housed merchants and traders. This attraction is easily accessible from accommodation options like Anantara Hoi An Resort.

Climb to the Top of the Marble Mountains

Located just outside of Da Nang, the Marble Mountains are a group of five hills that are home to ancient temples, pagodas, and caves. Hike to the top for stunning views of the surrounding countryside and explore the hidden tunnels and grottoes along the way.