Bangkok is well-known for its shopping opportunities that run the gamut from lavish shopping malls to informal open-air markets. The discerning visitor desiring an appealing Bangkok resort from which to explore the city will be pleased by the attractive Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort & Spa. This fine accommodation offers tastefully appointed interiors and an array of convenient amenities.

Avid shoppers visiting the Thai capital will be enthralled by the amazing Chatuchak Weekend Market. This immense marketplace extends over an area of no less than 35 acres, and contains over 15,000 individual stalls and shops. Visitors will be astounded by the remarkable variety of goods that are on offer at Chatuchak, most of them available at very reasonable prices.

This market offers a bewildering array of merchandise but is especially reputed for its handicrafts and antiques. You will find a multitude of traditional Thai handicraft items for sale here, encompassing a wide variety of quality items on offer that are also very affordably priced due to the intense degree of competition. The vast majority of antiques are of similar quality although most of them are not valuable originals. You will also find attractive artworks at Chatuchak, including works from talented Thai artists.

As you might expect clothing and accessories are another highlight at this intriguing market. You will find fashion apparel, casual attire, footwear and a host of trendy accessories at this vibrant marketplace. Live pets are a noteworthy aspect of this market as you will be able to purchase anything from a cute fluffy puppy to a fully grown python. On the other hand if you are an avid gardener you will be engrossed by the wide selection of plants and saplings on offer here. Finally after a busy day of shopping you can rejuvenate your energies at the innumerable food and beverage stalls offering tasty snacks and drinks that will replenish your vigour.

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