Committed to enhance the education levels and knowledge of children, Boston Children’s Museum is positioned on Children’s Wharf beside the Fort Point Channel. It is recognised as the second oldest children’s museum in the United States. The museum houses numerous exhibits and activities which are meant to provide children both pleasure and awareness.

Boston Children’s Museum is a museum for children and families. Its collection mainly emphasises on science, environment, culture, health and arts. Boston Children’s Museum is well known for offering its little visitors hands on experience; and this special feature has inspired many museums across the world. At present the museum features more than 50,000 objects. The educational Kits Program operated by the Boston Children’s Museum lends objects to schools.

This exceptional Children’s Museum commenced in 1913 and was initiated by Boston Public School teachers. In early 1913 the museum got the youth involved in discovering and marking nature walks, preparing specimens and creating clay and wax models for exhibits. During 1920 and 1930 the museum started to sponsor clubs that offered children the chance to travel around the unfamiliar with environmentalist hikes and bus trips. In 1960’s, during the time of director Michael Spock the museum changed its traditional museum experience in to what it is today. Currently objects are given to children’s hands for them to work together, experiment and follow their own inquisitiveness.

The main focus of this non profit, educational institution is teacher resources, visitor programs and early childhood education.

Some of the most intriguing exhibits at the Boston Children’s Museum include the Art Studio where both children and parents can create their own art together. The Common offers a one of kind experience of a massive chess game, light shows and musical chairs. Kid Power educates children on how to live and eat healthy.

Families from all across the world visit Boston to explore this noteworthy tourist attraction. There are numerous hotels in Boston that are positioned in close proximity to the Children’s Museum. This wide selection of Boston hotels include Langham Hotel Boston that offer stylish accommodation complete with some of the most up to date amenities.