Ever wondered what it would like to be in a washing machine? Twisting and tumbling with water splashing in an enclosure? Well thanks to two “crazy” expats from New Zealand, David and Andrew Akers who came up with the concept of the ‘Rollerball’ it is a possibility. Their whacky brain child is also known as Zorbing, Orbing, Sphereing and Globe-riding around the world. It’s a fun exhilarating activity suitable for all ages from 6 to 60.

Phuket has its own version at Kalim beach, a mere two minutes drive from Patong beach with rolling hills 190 long with a stunning view of the blue sea beyond. The three meter diameter flexible plastic ball has an outer covering with an air gap in between to break the fall and nylon threads to keep it intact. It is filled with close to 40 liters of water for better grip to stand inside and also to make it more fun with water up your nose and mouth! Get in the ball with a friend and roll down either the straighter path or for a bouncier ride on the zig-zag path with a few sharp twists on the way. You are guaranteed to be laughing and screaming all the way down with each other’s feet in your mouth, water in your ears and come out with cuts and bruises but laughing all the while!

Some consider it extreme sports but it is more of a crazy adrenaline rush in a whacky idea than extreme and very safe. Run by two British entrepreneurs, the establishment has recorded highest safety standards and quality equipment and no severe accidents. Other activities include planking; getting rolled or rolling over other participants along the way in the ball, Hamster running ball challenge and waterproof cameras can be rented out to capture the craziest moments of rolling down the hill from within the sphere.

The Rollerball is situated minutes away from most Pantong resorts and transport can be arranged for pick up. Millennium Resort Patong Phuket is one such Phuket resort facing the gorgeous beach, nestled among lush vegetation to give you a most comfortable and relaxing stay.