The Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka is an enthralling depiction of the island’s incredible past dating back to the 3rd and 4th centuries B.C. Here are many religious, historical, architectural and irrigation wonders and several of which are World Heritage sites. The Cultural Triangle is in the dry zone plains of North Central Sri Lanka and Kandy and Matale lie to the South of it. The Cultural Triangle can be reached by road or rail in 3 – 4 hours from Colombo. Domestic flights and sea plane flights are available.

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Anuradhapura – Sri Lanka’s first capital city was founded around 380 B.C. by Prince Pandukhabaya. The most venerated place of worship is the Sri Maha Bodhi -a sapling of the Bo Tree in Buddha Gaya, India under which the Gautama Buddha reached enlightenment. Many other places of worship and historical interest abound here and some of the finest stone carvings in Sri Lanka are in Anuradhpura as well as reservoir and tanks of incredible size and beauty.

Mihintale, the cradle of Buddhism in Sri Lanka is approximately 11 kilo metres away from Anuradhapura. Here, Arahat Mahinda from India converted Sri Lankan King Devanampiyatissa to Buddhism. The ruins of a great hospital can be seen here and some scholars believe that this is the oldest hospital in the world.

Polonnaruwa built by King Parakramabahu has much religious and historical importance. The man made ‘Parakrama Samudraya’ or the ‘Great Sea of Parakrama’ is an astounding piece hydro engineering.

The rock fortress, Sigiriya, is considered by many to be the eighth Wonder of the World. The Rock lies amidst beautifully landscaped gardens and the top is accessed through the mouth of a gigantic stone lion. Frescoes of female beauties and a highly polished wall with ancient graffiti known as the ‘Mirror Wall ‘ are unique features of this Rock Fortress built by the patricide King Kashyapa to escape from the wrath of his brother Mugalan.

The Rock Temple of Dambulla, Kandy with its Temple of the Tooth housing the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha are other worthwhile places to visit.

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