Situlpawwa rock temple with a history of over 2000 years is one of the significant Buddhist sites built in the 2nd Century BC, Located deep within the Yala National Park within the Hambantota district in the deep south of Sri Lanka. The name Sithulpauwa is derived from the word ‘Chittalapabbata’ which means the hill of the quiet mind. The rock temple was a place of worship for devotees as well as a center of Buddhist scholarship. There are 2 temples positioned on the high stunning rock. From that ‘Maha Sithulpawwa ‘rock is 400 feet in height. The Sithulpawwa dagoba, perched on the top of the rock can be toured with steep stair cut in to the rock. Jetwing Yala is one of the best Hotels in Yala, and provides an exotic setting for their guests with the best luxuries possible. There are tour guides and packages that will be arranged by the hotel to the nearby world famous Yala National Park. The setting of the hotel is truly unique, as it set on the wilderness and nature. The famous and stunning Situlpawa rock is close by to the Jetwing hotel.

Inside Situlpawwa are a number of gal len (rock caves), dagoba (pagodas), Poya geval (chapter houses), bodhigara, pilimageval and pokunu (ponds).Sithulpawwa rock temple houses an intrincate temple complex. The caves inside have been built to make it suitable for the monks to live. In addition to the main dagoba, a number of small dagobas are found inside Situlpawwa rock temple. The main cave temple walls consists of paintings belonging to Anuradhapura period and this is a significant feature as not many paintings belonging to this period have been found.

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