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Desaru is one of the most tourism-oriented places in Malaysia, and if you’re in Malaysia this is truly one of the most recommended places to visit. It’s a distinct change from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan Malaysia, with tranquil beaches that aren’t congested or surrounded a host of noisy establishments. There are however, a decent amount of attractions to explore that complement the nature of Desaru.

Desaru has in recent times become a popular place to golf in Malaysia due to the presence of the The Els Club Malaysia. Following the long-awaited constructing of the expressway providing easy access to coastal town, this is one of many new developments that have arrived in Desaru. Many believe that a bold new renaissance is around the corner for this stretch of Malaysian coast.

If you’d like to observe what Malaysian life was like in the recent past, then a visit to Muzium Nelayan is the place for you. The museum’s four galleries showcase a history of the nation’s geography, early maritime industries, and wreckage of various vessels from the region.

The massive Desaru Fruit Farm is another attraction that should not be missed. The facility breeds more than a hundred varieties of fruit, and most of these are far from the ordinary kinds found throughout the world. This is no ordinary farm since it also contains a mini zoo, featuring a variety of animals that you can interact with. Speaking of animals be sure to visit the place known as South Asia World Port Crocodile to see a massive population of reptilian predators.

After a long day of exploration, the best way to conclude your adventure would be enjoying some of Desaru’s iconic seafood, and there are many places to do so, such as the Dragon King Seafood restaurant. Establishments such as this specialise in various lobster and shrimp dishes, so if you love seafood, then you’re bound to love Desaru.

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