You don’t always need months to have a joyous family getaway. If a long weekend comes up, visit Desaru with your kids and they are sure to be entertained with the many things to do there.

Desaru Beach

Choose a good place to stay

The place you stay over the weekend should be a comfortable one, especially for your kids. There are a number of great resort options the likes of Anantara Desaru Coast Resort & Villas that you could choose to stay at, where your entire family will feel relaxed, and you will have enough space to have a private movie night together too.

Visit the Desaru Water Park

With thrilling water adventures, Desaru Water Park has already become a heaven for kids. In addition to the rides, there is also one of the biggest Wave Pools in the world to entertain them.

The Ostrich Farm and the Fruit Farm

Desaru Ostrich Farm is the place to visit for a new experience involving ostriches. You can take pictures with them, and when you are done, you can also visit the Desaru Fruit Farm located close by.

The Beach

Desaru has a peaceful beach. Many beach resorts in Malaysia are located around this area and if you want to engage in some safe swimming and sunbathing, this is the perfect spot for you. Do not forget to enjoy the amazing sunset views as well if you are heading to the beach in the evening.