Nature lovers exploring the island nation of Sri Lanka should make it a point to visit the attractive Dunhinda Waterfall which is considered to be one of the country’s natural wonders. This attractive waterfall presents a captivating sight that will capture the imagination of the visitor. As you experience the attractions of the island nation if you desire to rent cars in Sri Lanka an excellent choice would be Casons Rent a Car. You can rent your vehicle and drive to such scenic natural wonders at your leisure.

Dunhinda Falls is an enthralling sight that will appeal to any visitor irrespective of their tastes or preferences. This beautiful waterfall is situated in the vicinity of the town of Badulla in Sri Lanka. This picturesque feature of nature has a height of 210 feet and derives its name in the local language from the smoky spray that it creates. ‘Dun’ in the Sinhalese tongue means smoke or mist. The waterfall is formed by the river known as Badulu Oya, a waterway that also passes through the town of Badulla.

To see this beautiful waterfall you must walk along a modest footpath for over a kilometre. However this effort is made very worthwhile by the sight of the majestic waterfall, which presents a resplendent spectacle for the visitor. As you proceed along this pathway you will find numerous local vendors offering herbal drinks so that you may replenish your energies. At the very end of this pathway you will find a convenient stage from which you will be able to observe the waterfall.

The island nation of Sri Lanka boasts as many as 350 waterfalls, which is a large number in comparison to the size of the country. Most of these waterfalls are located in the highlands of the country, and present an entrancing sight. These marvels of nature are one aspect of the natural riches of Sri Lanka.

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