If you love plants and gardens you are sure to be enthralled by the splendid Hakgala Botanical Gardens in Sri Lanka. Here you will encounter a remarkable selection of botanical specimens that are sure to capture the imagination of the visitor. As you experience the attractions of this botanical garden and other attractions in the region, an outstanding choice of accommodation would be Nuwara Eliya bungalows such as the attractive Scottish Planter Glendevon Bungalow.

The remarkable Hakgala Botanical Gardens are situated in a picturesque setting in the environs of the well-known Hakgala Rock a short distance from the town of Nuwara Eliya. From the gardens you will have the opportunity to admire spectacular views featuring many picturesque mountains stretching into the far distance. These gardens are considered to be one of the finest in the nation of Sri Lanka.

The Hakgala Gardens had its origins in the colonial era as a plantation created to grow the cinchona plant from which quinine was produced in order to fight malaria. Today however the gardens are a splendid sight with an array of lovely gardens of shrubs, roses and ferns as well as expanses of woodland. The gardens present an alluring sight with its flowing streams which are spanned by wooden bridges; birds can be seen flitting through the trees creating an idyllic sight.

Visitors will be enthralled by the Spice Garden at Hakgala which contains spice plants such as cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon. On the other hand the attractive Rose Garden features many unusual kinds of roses that will capture the imagination of the flower lover. Not to be missed is the popular Orchid House which contains many intriguing specimens including the world’s biggest orchid. Visitors should also make it a point to explore the Cactus House with its numerous exotic specimens. The Fernery and Rock Garden are two more features of Hakgala Botanical Gardens that will draw the interest of the visitor.

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