Tired of exploring exotic holiday destinations through the tinted windows of a comfortable vehicle? Yearning for adventure and a new way to experience the wonders of the countries you visit? For those staying in Krabi resorts, both these problems can be resolved by indulging in some elephant trekking!

When in the Thai province of Krabi which is located adjacent to the famous province of Phuket, exploring the area is an absolutely exciting prospect. Inquire from your hotel and resorts such as Anantara SiKao Thailand Resort & Spa would, no doubt, happily indulge in facilitating your request for elephant trekking. Given that the majestic elephant is viewed by locals as a strong symbol of the Thai nation, it is a surprise that the species is disappearing faster than ever. Nevertheless, elephant trekking is vastly popular, particularly in Krabi, and tourists have the opportunity to experience the natural habitat of these gentle giants in a unique manner.

While some may object to the use of these gentle creatures for commercial purposes, it has been observed that releasing them into the wild is difficult due to small living spaces and their inability to find sufficient food. Many such elephants have been the subject of begging and inactivity in zoos whereas those out in their natural habitat have the opportunity to live as freely as it is possible while consuming a substantial amount of food each day, without difficulty.
An elephant trek is usually an hour long and allows for a nature walk and swim in a nearby river. Some treks even include the option of a native Thai meal, allowing tourists the opportunity to interact with the locals and sample the national cuisine. These treks can be arranged through one’s resort, but for those who wish to do so themselves, a trek can be booked through several local agents.

Thanuja Silva is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Auburn Silver. She has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world.