The renowned Li Garden located in the Chinese city of Wuxi has been acclaimed as one of the finest gardens in this part of the country. Located adjacent to the tranquil Li Lake this attractive sanctuary extends over an area of 8.2 hectares.
The park is named after Fan Li, a prominent prime minister of the famed Yue monarchy. According to tradition this minister was very competent and skilful, enabling his monarch to conquer a neighbouring state. After this great success Fan Li retired to the privacy of this part of Wuxi. He lived with the renowned beauty Xi Shi and often went boating with her on Li Lake.
Li Garden includes numerous interesting features such as picturesque manmade hillocks, an array of scenic locations and a number of interesting pavilions. The artificial hills in the middle part of the garden have been shaped into different shapes and motifs; some feature sharp angles and contours whilst others are more rounded in appearance. You will find a stone inlaid path in this part of the park which is interestingly narrow in some segments and wider in others. This winding path resembles a maze, taking the visitor on a meandering path across the verdant lawns.
A highlight at Li Garden is the four pavilions named after the seasons; these four structures share a common design motif and each is decorated with the flowers which blossom in each season. Additionally the visitor will see that one of these seasonal blossoms has been planted next to each pavilion. The Winter Pavilion is adorned with calyx canthus; the Spring Pavilion features plum flowers; the Summer Pavilion is adorned with oleanders; and the Autumn Pavilion features fragrant osmanthus. This means that the visitor will be greeted with fresh blooms irrespective of the season.
Another interesting feature of the garden is the Long Corridor, which is a winding passageway that boasts numerous attractive gateways, sculptures and calligraphy. These fascinating and varied features make the garden a pleasure to explore.
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