Venture into the Erawan Museum in Bangkok, which simply exudes Hindu symbolism both within and without the impressive, imposing façade of an elephant statue cast in pure green copper. Explore this and other fascinating spiritual sites scattered throughout the city, and an option for ideal Bangkok serviced accommodation to host your stay can be found at Citadines Sukhumvit 16 Bangkok. Located in the colourful and cultural Sukhumvit neighbourhood, a Citadines Sukhumvit serviced apartment will provide you with the ideal home away from home. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the unique Erawan Museum when you’re in the city, as it will open up a fascinating world of some of the best-loved artefacts from Hindu cosmology. The museum is housed inside and beneath the belly of a huge three-headed elephant statue composed entirely out of pure copper, with trunks the size of Banyan trees and standing 29 metres high, an imposing sight upon any approach. The museum will reveal a treasure house of rare eastern artefacts from antiquity, vibrant spiritual iconography gracing the huge, sloping walls of the site, as well as décor that is straight out of a hallucinatory trip. Quirky business tycoon Lek Viriyapant is behind this unique museum, as it features items from his vast collection of rare and precious Asian antiquities, which he wanted to share with the Thai people. It is sure to make for an unforgettable visit and is a must-see site on your cultural itinerary.

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