Bali is a relatively large island off the coast of mainland Indonesia separated from the rest of the country by the Bali Strait. Initially populated by those migrating from Taiwan and other South Asian countries, Bali is mainly made up of Hindus whilst a small percentage follows Islam. Due to this, Bali culture and heritage contain strong Chinese and Hindu influences.

The result of this is that Bali is vibrant, vivid and rich in culture. The island also enjoys a high reputation for skilled art work in the form of painting, metal carving, wood work, leather work, sculpture, music and all kinds of dance. The traditional Balinese dance showcases most of these artistic talents.

All these factors together with the beautiful beaches and the adjoining resorts have led to Bali becoming a tourist hot spot. The beaches are ideal for relaxing and soaking up the sun whilst feasting your eyes on spectacular scenery.

A recent addition to the marine sports collection has been the increasingly popular fly fish activity. Fly fishing involves a minimum of two people to seat themselves in a flat bottomed rubber boat that is perhaps shaped like a huge paw. This boat is then attached to a speed boat. The basic idea is that the speed boat takes off across the water at extremely high speeds which in turn cause the rubber boat to leap and jump off the water and literally fly behind it. This when viewed gives the impression of a fish flying out of the water before landing once again.

A typical routine fly fish excursion will last about 15 minutes. Participants need not worry for safety as the sport includes every safety measure and a fly fish expert as well as an experienced boat handler who goes out on every ride. All participants are required to bring some sunglasses, sun block and swimming gear to sit back and enjoy the ride.
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