Among the canals and famed gardens of Suzhou is Tiger Hill, a popular local attraction that has resonated with visitors to the city over centuries. Named for its likeness to a crouching tiger bits of poetry and calligraphy left on rocks by admiring visitors of yore attest to the enduring popularity of the site. For visitors wandering where to stay, Somerset Emerald City Suzhou in a central location, is the ideal base from which to visit city attractions.

The 496 BCE Tomb of King He Lu, the 10th century leaning pagoda of the Yunyan Temple at the top of the hill, a 10th century mountain villa that expertly exploits the verdant views of its surroundings, an ancient Bonsai tree, rock formations, ponds and wells that have stories of buried treasure, mass human burials and other myths attached to them are among its attractions. An award winning Bonsai collection that makes up the entire 1,700 sq meter garden of the Wanjing Villa designed to evoke images of mountains and forests is another amazing attraction and represents the skill of Chinese gardeners over the ages. An ancient tea garden associated with Lu Yu, an authority on tea and its tranquil canal that can be crossed by boat are also popular with visitors. A museum has been added on in more recent times.

Enjoy the undulating landscape, beautiful vistas spread out over nearly fifty acres and the tree shaded pathways of Tiger Hill as the popular Song Dynasty poet who expressed the view that it is a matter of deep regret not to visit Tiger Hill while in Suzhou. The site is easily accessed from many a short stay apartment in Suzhou. Although the views are indeed attractive from many vantage points on the hill and the historic buildings interesting, it is the legends swirling about the place that puts Tiger Hill on the ‘must see’ list of many local visitors. While the hill remains an attractive sight throughout the seasons, it is particularly attractive in the fall when the leaves turn red and gold.


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