Development being kicked at full throttle; the UAE comes packed with many attractions and experiences to explore when you visit. Want to know more on some of the best here?

Burj Khalifa

Possibly one of the most famous buildings in all of history, the Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building. Being that, the panoramic views off its observation deck are absolutely unrivalled. It also features the elevators with the longest travel distance as well.

NepenthesSkyline-Dubai-2010CC BY-SA 2.5

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Incredibly beautiful, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi is both massive and modern. It features contemporary design paired with ancient craftsmanship to deliver an astounding new interpretation of Islamic architecture. The mosque’s design is complemented with copious amounts of mosaic tiles, marble, glass work and even gold. Definitely check it out if you’re staying here, if not you’ll find plenty of Abu Dhabi Resorts around, such as the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara for instance.

File:Sheikh Zayed Mosque view.jpg
WikiemiratiSheikh Zayed Mosque viewCC BY-SA 4.0

Hajar Mountains

Consisting of twisting roller coaster-esque roads that highlight the spectacular scenery, the Hajar Mountains create the utterly wild heart of the UAE. You’ll find a ton of hiking, bird watching and trekking opportunities along the way.

File:Hajar Mountains, Musandam, Oman - panoramio (1).jpg
Toppazz, Hajar Mountains, Musandam, Oman – panoramio (1)CC BY 3.0

Sharjah Arts Museum

The Sharjah Arts Museum features some of the most diverse art collections in the whole of the United Arab Emirates. Its highlights are the works by Arabic artists as well as the paintings of the Arab world by various European artists.

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