The little star like wonders, illuminating the dreaded dark world like twinkling bits of magical light, have always caught the attention of little children as they flutter through their happy world. The firefly is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating creatures of nature and its charm is most certainly felt by children and adults alike.

In the city of Xiamen, with its mesmerizing plethora of things to see and do, the option of a visit to the Firefly Theme Park shines just as bright as that little creature of light. Especially an entertaining attraction to little children, the Firefly theme park offers amusement as well as education while thrilling the hearts of the little ones with countless swarms of pretty little creatures as they illuminate and scatter light in glee, keeping time to the chorus of the winds of the night.

Here one will not find the advanced and high tech forms of entertainment that children of this generation have begun to find increasing desire in. Instead, entertainment is undoubtedly provided in the good old fashioned way, where the children will have the time and space to bond with nature as well as get to know better the little friend that the Creator has designed for them to love. They will get the opportunity to acquire genuine and real information relating to the life cycle as well as the indispensable role that is played in the eco system by this charming insect. The special Environment Awareness Classroom is geared to provide quite a lot of information about this fascinating creature to all who participate in their sessions.

Needless to say the Firefly Theme Park is best visited at night when the beauty of these magical creatures shines bright against the star studded skies. It will indeed be a mesmerizing moment and one would undoubtedly acknowledge that the beautiful works of nature and the magnificent entertainment it provides are more fulfilling and satisfying that the fleeting excitement provided by high tech devices of the modern world.

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