The famed Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas is counted amongst Hong Kong’s most renowned Buddhist shrines and has achieved the status of a major tourist attraction. This attractive place of worship was created as far back as 1949 by Yuet Kai, a pious Buddhist devotee who wished to demonstrate his commitment to the faith.

Yuet Kai was a scion of an affluent family in the southern area of China who was considered to be a proficient poet and musician. At an early age he resolved to devote his entire life to the Buddhist faith, and moved to the environs of Hong Kong to pursue his religious activities. Yuet Kai personally involved himself in the construction of the monastery, helping to carry the heavy construction materials.

Today the temple compound presents an alluring sight, being created with two storeys on a forested hillside covered with bamboos. Occupying an extent spanning more than eight hectares, the compound includes four pavilions, five temples, a pagoda and other features. The shrine complex may be reached by ascending a concrete pathway featuring no less than 431 separate steps. Flanking the sides of the path the visitor will see 500 life-sized gilded statues of arhants (Buddhist saints).

On the summit of the path the visitor will find the principal shrine chamber, a number of pavilions, a pagoda and other features. Within the principal shrine chamber you will see that the walls are covered with shelves holding about 13,000 small-scale Buddha statuettes, each crafted from gold and ceramic. Interestingly each individual figurine features its own expression and pose, as well as an engraving showing its donor’s name.

You will also see three immense gold-plated Buddha figures, in front of which you will find a glass display case containing the embalmed remains of the revered Yuet Kai resting in a seated position.

The various parts of the temple compound each have their own special appeal, so visitors often take the time to explore the various parts of this esteemed Buddhist monastery.

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