When it comes to Mackay, nothing speaks of its excitement as does fishing. In fact, it is locally known as one of the best fishing locations on the east coast of Australia. Mackay is tucked neatly behind Whitsunday Islands and is cradled behind the protected waters of the Great Barrier Reef. This makes it not only famous but also one of the most unique fishing locations in Australia. And the best part about fishing in Mackay is that it does not have to venture into the waters in a boat to fish; within a matter of minutes, you can fish from the lush greens of a tropical reef and move on to freshwater rivers, a sandy estuary, an inland dam or have a forest adventure.

In terms of species of fish that you will encounter on your fishing adventure, the area offers northern tropical reed species as well as southern demersal species. Mackay region is renowned for having the best whiting in Queensland. If you are after this cod, the best time to fish would be at night – armed with prawns for bait and a lot of patience. If your trip falls between July and November, try to catch Spanish mackerel – they are known to flock in Mackay during this period.

With four dams to fish in the region, you can travel to this beautiful fishery from one of Moranbah hotels to spend the day, and if you favour the seclusion of a serviced apartment such as Oaks Moranbah, your catch can be taken back to be enjoyed in any way you like. Fishing in Mackay is one unique adventure that anyone can experience, because even if you are scared of water, you can simply fish from one of the many land-based fishing locations in and around Mackay. This is an adventure for everyone.

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