Fort Canning also known as Bukit Larangan in Malay , is a small hill located in Singapore. The venue has become a popular venue for concerts and shows in the recent past. Fort Canning takes a primary place when it comes to nature attractions in Singapore.

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The fort canning hill which is known as “Bukit Larangan” translates in Malay as the forbidden hill. The settlers believed there were kingdoms build by kings of early days .However clearing of vegetation proved their belief right. However later excavation revealed that Singapore was a popular trading hub.

Due to its excellent location and historic significance Raffles built his first residence on the hill , which offered great views over colonies. He who was a keen botanist also open the first botanical garden in Singapore in 1822.The hill served as the colony’s governor’s residence hence it gained the name governor’s hill.

In 1859 the role of serving as the governor’s residence changed for the hill and due to the increased security concerns it started to become a military base with the opening of a fort.

However the role of the fort has changed immensely over years and today , the fort sits in front of Orchard Road the famous shopping district of central Singapore. There are a variety of recreational activities , historical activities, entertainment and cultural events.taking place at the modern day Canning Fort. The largest music festival is held at Fort Canning annually.

The other features of the fort include the spice garden, which symbolizes the first experimental botanical garden set up by Raffles.the Raffles wall is another one of the highlight features within the fort.


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