The coastal areas of Oman are known to offer year round views of dolphins as they are found in close proximity to the shore. Although 21 species of dolphins have been identified in these coastal waters the most commonly sighted pods of dolphins are Indian Ocean varieties such as spinner, the Indo-Pacific humpbacks, Risso’s and bottlenose dolphins. The abundance of these creatures are such that operators who offer dolphin viewing tours are wont to say that their clients rarely come away disappointed as almost every time they have successful sightings. However in reality there is no guarantee that dolphins will be encountered.

Early morning is the recommended time to set off for dolphin watching. This has the advantage of being one of the coolest times of the day and this is also the time the dolphins, the Spinner Dolphins in particular are to be seen as they go out chasing their favourite food, tuna. The other time that they can be spotted is in the afternoons when they return from their feeding trips. The dolphin watching trips are planned to coincide with their movements. Spinner Dolphins are also among the most playful of creatures and visitors who go out to view them have magical experiences that will stay with them forever. Seeing them jump out of the water, sometimes twirl in the air and swim alongside the boat always elicit a thrilled reaction. The boat operators try to get as close as possible to dolphin pods so that visitors can view the dolphins and have good photo opportunities. This is not too hard a task as when dolphins are present they are really all over the place and swim quite close to boats so that viewing is really not a problem. Going out to sea is the best way to view these cetaceans in their natural habitat and lucky visitors may even catch glimpses of other types of dolphins. The cooler months from October to May are supposedly the best months to have great dolphin encounters. The Indian Ocean is at its calmest and the air and water temperatures are pleasant.

The basic rules when dolphin watching is to keep a safe distance, remain quiet and not attempt to touch them. The recommended distance from a dolphin is 50 meters.

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