Looking for an ultimate Western experience while in the east? Look no further than one of the most vibrant metropolis of the east, Hong Kong! All year round the city welcomes countless numbers of tourists from all across the world. The city isn’t short of great places to stay while enjoying the holiday. One of the widely picked options when it comes to accommodation in the recent past has been Service Apartment Hong Kong has in store for travellers of all walks of life. Among these one of the highly recommended options is The Mercer Hong Kong. Located in the transport hub of Hong Kong the fully furnished apartments offer optimum comfort to make your stay as comfortable and secure as possible.

There are a handful of things that take most tourists by surprise. Even though it being regarded as a highly developed city, 40% of the land is dedicated to parks and reserves as well as various hiking trails. For those who love the waters, Hong Kong waters are home to the famous Pink Dolphins. There are eco cruises operating around the waters that take you closer to these beautiful harmless creatures.

There are 260 islands on the waters of Hong Kong and for those who fancy messing about on a boat why not take a junk boat or a yacht and enjoy the clear blue waters to dip in. Most of these trips can be arranged with yachts with crews on board through the concierge.

The city has around 11000 restaurants for those after a gastronomical experience. The numbers are so high that one can dine at a different eatery every night for the next 30 years! Now that’s a lot of variety.

There are many other things to experience in this exciting city while on holiday it’s worth to make the most while there.

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