Follow the screams to the Wild Wadi where everyone is having a great day in the desert getting wet, drying off and getting wet again. As Dubai’s biggest and most innovative water themed park, Wild Wadi set in 12 landscaped acres, feature 30 rides and attractions for the whole family from gentle rides to high intensity activities for adults. The facility is loosely built around a tale of the Arabian adventurer Juha being shipwrecked with his friend Sinbad. Located in Jumeirah beach it is next to the iconic Burj al Arab.

Among its scariest attractions is the newest water slide, the Jumeirah Sceirah. Starting from a 32 meter high tower riders are swept down two slides at a heart stopping 80 km per hour. Tantrum Alley also one of the park’s newest attractions involves two water slides and three tornadoes. Riders on a four person tube are pushed up and down and whirled round and round simulating the eye of a storm before being pushed out and whirled around again in two other tornadoes. This certainly is a very heady experience. Other stimulating experiences here include sliding down steeply pitched water slides and tubes, high powered water jets that thrust riders up in the air, a Riptide Flowrider and Wipeout for body, knee boarding and surfing enthusiasts, the largest wave pool in the Middle East, a Flood River that generates river rapids and surprise waves over a meter high and an 18 meter high waterfall.

As the Wild Wadi is a famiIy friendly theme park, children can have a great time too. There are over one hundred water based activities especially for kids. On site restaurants and other facilities mean that visitors can spend the whole day at the park enjoying the water and the electric atmosphere. Going by the enthusiastic reviews, Wild Wadi is a definite favourite with visitors to Dubai as well as the locals. In operation since 1999, Wild Wadi has developed into a huge water themed park that has won many accolades and awards for its safety, technology and innovation. Here the safety of visitors is paramount and every care has been taken to ensure trouble free enjoyment of the park’s facilities.

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