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There are many ways to make one’s mark in the world and change it for the better. To stand up for their principles and beliefs there are those who stage demonstrations, whilst others create petitions and other individuals engage in different kinds of non-violent protests. On the other hand Grandpa Huang, referred to affectionately as Rainbow Grandpa has created a novel way to stand up for what he believes in.

This extraordinary individual makes his home in a village which was designated as a dwelling place for dependents of the military. Many of the structures found in the village date to the 1940s and 1950s and at one point in time the local authorities made a decision to demolish this quaint village. However one of the residents, Grandpa Huang decided to protest against this decision, and thought of a novel way to do so.
Having obtained a brush and some bright paints this extraordinary man set to work, embellishing the hamlet with numerous colourful and lively artworks. In this manner he hoped to avert the destruction of the village and in this endeavour he was successful. The paintings appealed to the authorities as they were both attractive and of aesthetic merit. The local government decided to cancel their earlier decision and resolved to preserve the village.

Today this hamlet is brighter and more resplendent than ever, displaying a splendid selection of vibrant artworks. The paintings are colourful and appealing, but also seem to be the result of thought and dedication. Rainbow Grandpa is there to meet and greet visitors, and seems to be just as positive and cheerful as you might expect. If you make a donation, he may even draw a small painting just for you. This village is sure to bring a smile to your face, and will reward the curious visitor.


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