Transforming its landscape along with its identity as the world’s pearl diving Mecca and a giant oil producing nation, Kuwait is an urban metropolis that is brimming with possibilities. In the heart of its capital city however lies a striking contradiction with its ultra chic backdrop. Nestled on the lush setting of Omariya along the city’s airport route lies the region’s most methodically and diligently planned park lands also known as the Kuwait Zoological Gardens. Housing over 65 animal species including regal elephants, majestic lions and ever illusive tigers in addition to zebras and giraffes the sanctuary also serves as a lush home of over 128 bird species and five reptile varieties.

Having undergone two years of state-of-the-art renovations and reopened in 1993, this sprawling parkland is a favorite among seasoned travelers young and old. With a wide variety of activities on offer young visitors will especially enjoy the horse rides, camel rides and donkey rides on site while electronic games and magic shows are also part of the itinerary. Photo opportunities with one’s favorite creepy crawlies such as snakes and crocodiles are another highlight in the venue as guests have the opportunity to immortalize their trip and have close animal encounters with pictorial proof.

Visitors also have the option of taking a scenic train tour along the shady paths crisscrossing the gardens with its sheltered animal compounds. A preferred activity among guests, the train tour offers guests the chance to view the various animal species up close while also indulging in the joys of a train ride across a richly landscaped garden.

Famed for its collection of endangered and rare animals the Kuwait Zoological Garden is also a centre that actively engages in educating and preserving wildlife while serving as a research institute that also focuses on propagation. Home to animal species that are indigenous to the nation, the gardens also breeds endangered species varieties that are unique to Kuwait.

The venue’s education centre is also worth a visit as it offers guests an interactive study experience on animals and wildlife which includes native species of Kuwait that roamed its lands almost half a century ago. The Research Center is equally engaging as it educates the masses on artificially creating environments that are conducive to foreign animals that are housed in the gardens.

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