Officially known as the Grand Central Terminal, the Grand Central Station is an iconic structure in the United States of America. Having been a strong influencing factor in the country’s rich history, it is a symbol of the United States’ national development since the advent of the railroad. As a global economic powerhouse, United States has a deep history in the development of the Grand Central Station that is buried deep behind the impressive structure.

The Grand Central Station as it is most commonly referred to by the majority of locals, is situated in the midst of New York. Regarded as the heart of New York City, it stands today as the city’s most famous landmark. A testament to the long history of New York City, gazing at the Grand Central Station will allow one to drift away into the historic story of the development, expansion and growth of the vibrant metropolis. An unrivalled monument, the terminal reflects the city’s unique and grand splendour of civic architecture.

Travelers are able to witness the grandeur of the terminal when touring around Midtown Manhattan. Located in 42nd Street and Park Avenue, the Grand Central Station exudes its original allure, transporting onlookers to another time. With its intriguing charm intact, it was completely restored back to its original splendor as it was in 1913 where the Main Concourse is its most fascinating sight. Captivating to the eyes of the beholders, it showcases a vast space of 125 feet high, 120 feet wide and 375 feet long.

Presently, it is a known destination for having a myriad of eateries and shopping venues. Adding a twist to the travelling experience in the city, it flaunts a collection of cocktail lounges, exquisite restaurants and casual international eateries in the Dining Concourse, which is in the lower level. Travelers are also able to indulge in a variety of gourmet foods from the Grand Central Market and stroll around the many specialty shops which offer a unique experience to the guests.

In addition to giving travelers an impeccable transportation service, the Grand Central Station has also become a budding venue for hosting many public events such as exhibitions, fairs and promotions. Most often the entertainment takes place in the Vanderbilt Hall which provides a space of 12,000 square feet. An epic monument showcasing the brilliance of yesteryear’s architecture, it has become a prime international example flaunting the concept of commercialism and urbanization giving new life to a historic building that would have otherwise been demolished or discarded.

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