The HAL Aerospace Museum was built in the year 2001 and has remained a much-visited local as well as a tourist hot spot. This museum has showcased a huge number of aircraft models, helicopters, and pictures of aircrafts that portrays the various stages and developments of the Indian aviation industry through the many years.
The museum consists of the HAL heritage centre, HAL Museum Wall of Fame and the aircraft display area where you would find helicopters, aircrafts used in war and aircraft engine models too. Get a look and feel about a pilot’s job role by visiting the flight simulator that is created in the base. These simulators which artificially re-create an aircraft surrounding with all necessary tools for a flight are constructed to host pilot trainings. The HAL museum wall of fame has photographs pertaining to the history of Indian aviation dating from 1940 onwards. One looking at these pictures will certainly be bound with awe to see how far the aviation industry has developed over the years.
When aircrafts just fly in the mighty high skies they all look the same to the human eye who gaze at them from the ground. But when you get to see them up close you would be amaze to find out how one aircraft differs from the other. Most of the aircraft models are prototypes but they have not lost the original authenticity in any way. The HAL Ajeet subsonic jet trainer and light fighter, HAL HJT-36 Sitara intermediate jet trainer and the English Electric Canberra jet powered bomber are a few of the main highlights that are on display.
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