Rich in culture, Abu Dhabi is known for its wonderfully intricate henna paintings that are done not on canvass but rather on a person’s skin! While one can witness this traditional art form at a heritage village, it is important to find a hotel in Abu Dhabi which to use as a base for your travels. Kingsgate Hotel Abu Dhabi is one such hotel Abu Dhabi has to offer and is ideally located in the city’s financial district.

Henna is in actual fact a type of non-toxic plant dye which has a long history since it has been used for centuries. Henna decorations are used to adorn the skins of females including their feet and hands. Similar to the way westerners would tattoo their bodies, henna paining offers a non-permanent mark on ones skin incorporating intricate floral patterns. Easily washable, such skin decorations can be seen especially at weddings and other celebrations throughout the UAE.


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